This Little Guy

one day- this little guy came-
into my life and- how can I say this-

his bright blue eyes- his precious smile-
his tender cry- my little guy-
i love him so-

this day- his tiny hands play-
he looks to me and- what is he thinking-

he wants to stand- i’ll hold his hand-
does what he can- my little guy-
i love him so-

he was more than- i could have imagined-
he was everything- i could have asked for-
and more-

he’s my boy- how could i have known-
he was just a dream- that somehow came true-

now he’s here- just a little guy-
and I love him so-

i never knew what life could be-

some day he may wander far away-
to a place- a time- i cannot say-

and I hope- he’ll remember me-
and say… hey dad you know-
i love you so far away-

and i remember that day-
you held me so close to say-
my little guy- i love you so-

This Little Guy

August 8, 1988

This poem is actually from a song I wrote when my first son was 18 months old.

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