My Penguin

I had a few people comment on my Gravatar image which I’ve maintained for many years now. The size of the little penguin shown is small and some thought the image was a dolphin. I’ve also been remiss in giving credit to the photographer for it and wanted to correct that. Tim Laman, a field biologist and wildlife photojournalist took the original photo. See some of his work here.

My main reason for using the penguin stems from a novel of mine where a couple of the characters are penguins. There is a deeper meaning to the little flightless seabird which you will learn about if you happen to read the book.

“There was much more to Charles Darwin’s Galapagos than he could have ever imagined.” – In All Our Years

Novel is available on Amazon.
Click on the links below.

Hold Me – eBook ♥︎ Hold Me – Paperback

Rana and Wayte – Galápagos Islands

Feature Image CreditTim Laman

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