Sniff Stuff


To mask or not to mask. We know nothing.

Our mind is the largest sponge and we sometimes, just need to boil it all away.

Have you ever been washing dishes in your kitchen sink and you get an inkling to take a moment and sniff the sponge you are diligently using to clean who knows what, off a dish? We have all done this, probably, but I don’t know for sure. I have.

And then when you realize the sniff stuff is on your hands now, and it does not come off unless you switch your focus to washing your hands with Brillo pads or some industrial type of cleanser.

And then there is the sponge, still oozing the sniff stuff and never mind the fact that you have inhaled the sniff stuff and it has long since gone into your nasal passages and lungs. Time to boil that sponge for sure and it will actually destroy that sniff stuff … maybe.

Oh My God!

Just give me a sandwich, a large oak tree planted on a small grassy knoll to sit under where I can breath in the the blue sky, feel the sunshine on my face and rest on this blue marble and imagine and dream and thank god that there is no wireless service within one hundred miles of here.

Click on Image to Read All About Masks

The article is quite lengthy and filled with copious amounts of knowledge as to mask or not to mask. After reading this, it just goes to show that our mind is the largest sponge there is and only when we take the time to throughly vet and boil out the sniff stuff, will we truly know what is right and what is wrong (aka bulls**t).

It is worth the read and may Morgan Freeman, George Burns or Alanis Morissette help us deal with uninformed politicians who want us to cross the street before the safe to walk sign is lit, even when there aren’t any cars to begin with.


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