The Cure

I’ve come to a realization.

I do not have a crystal ball, nor am I immersed in the scientific community with doctorate degrees and years of research experience. I am just stating what appears to be true, given historical records of these viruses.

There is sufficient evidence that viruses which have plagued Homo sapiens are never completely eradicated. They will continue to exist in the original species that harbor them and continue to exist in humans, dormant or at low levels until such time the host manifests symptoms, gets sick and dies.

After reviewing several papers on the efforts to eradicate the deadliest viruses, what I have found is that none of them have ever been completely eliminated from society. The virus patiently waits in hosts who can safely harbor them until humans are exposed to them once again.

We all get common colds. We all continue to get influenza. Measles is still out there and people do continue to get it. SARS-CoV still exists and people do get it every year. The latest coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 which caused the disease COVID-19, will be no exception.

Modern medicine produces vaccines to stimulate a response in our bodies to fight the virus and in many cases, it is successful. The health of an individual is key and survival is left up to our biological processes

Vaccines do not necessarily last forever. We are encouraged to get flu shots every year. Even animals who are susceptible to contracting rabies are revaccinated every few years. If humans get rabies, the end game is almost always death.

Unless the virus SARS-CoV-2, is completely eradicated from our society, people will continue to contract it, become infected, get sick and die.

So we are left with the fact, that there is really no cure, nor is there a vaccine. Our only defense is mitigation, and our efforts to limit the availability of hosts that could become infected and consequently spread the disease.

The only true cure to survival is to stay healthy, eat those foods that nourish us and not degrade our bodies to the point of being susceptible to infections. Our society does not share these values in their attempt to make profit from food sources that taste good, but have little health benefits and in fact cause irrefutable harm to our bodies, causing diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease to name a few.

My other realization and this is probably an extreme measure, but Homo sapiens should never be commingling with other species. In nature, you will not find different species sharing lives together. They all keep to themselves and forage the earth collectively albeit separately from one another.

Even our desires to eat other species, is a risk and our bodies have suffered from this, not only from the negative aspects of processing the food in our body, but also the risk of animal born viruses entering our systems.

Case and point. The cure is to live along side nature and support our own bodies with food and nutrition sources that benefit our well being.

As for COVID-19 and all the chaos it has recently brought into our lives, we have a chance to make a difference and change our course from mindless consumerism practices.

I do not see this happening in a large way, until the population weans itself off short term gains and immediate satisfactions.

This is in fact our evolution.

This is not a pretty picture.

Featured Image – Pretty Picture from the Island of Maui

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