The Wave

The potential for the Coronavirus to infect so many of us is a fact and real evidence of its transmission and capability to end the life of those we love is in the news every single day.

Each of the following countries are experiencing the proverbial wave of the Coronavirus infection.

The full list of countries is here.

China’s lockdown has been effective and has nearly leveled the infection rate. The full data set is here.

For those countries and states who are following the experience of China, the suffering and death toll will be less than, if no precautions were taken. However, the fact remains, that no matter what we do, the wave of infections will continue to come, infect and end lives, and then break and roll away, leaving calm waters once again.

From what the scientists and medical experts are saying, there could be a residual wave of infections. This will be possible if the virus is still lingering in hosts (people) and if these people infect others.

The second wave could be less because the host pool is smaller. People will survive and possibly their offspring could also be immune. I do not know for sure. I am not a scientist.

All we do know, is that if we shelter in place and don’t allow ourselves to host the virus, it will dissolve and be no more.

Stay safe everyone and may we all see a brighter day and be blessed by the calm waters to come.

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated ...

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