If We Dare

With the advent of the new year and a new decade, there is much reflection on all that has led us to this place in time. Societies are on the precipice of change that will determine the way of life to come.

Each day brings both an opportunity to make a change or to do nothing that is different from the day before. Doing nothing is far easier a choice, as you hold onto your energy, and trickle it out doing the same ole, knowing clear well that come nightfall, all will be as it was.

Making the choice to push from the norm requires an effort beyond which you are accustomed. Imagine the bird that wakes from their nest, all warm and cozy as the first light kisses their small head and teases their opening eyes with opportunity.

The bird must rise and ultimately jump from safety to survive the day. Do they know what dangers are below? Is their a small egg under their care that will eventually hatch and want and need? There is no choice but to jump into the unknown, hoping they will return come the end of day, to nest and rest.

The cycle of days and nights, lead us one step forward to the same or if we dare and have the courage to dream and make that leap to change all that is, into something more amazing than we could have ever imagined.

Feature Image Credit – One who dares to change

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