Southern Belle

This southern belle has a birthday today ❤ and is responsible for opening many doors for me, after which I managed to take some of them of their hinges, and then get into various situations requiring ambulance rides and visits to the hospital for this and that. She continues to smile this day and finds joy in life and caring for others ❤

She is 82 today and continues to care for others with efforts beyond the strength of those her age. Even with the many trials during her life, she remains positive and up and happy and is constantly seeking the good in all things, looking for joy and enlightening her mind with learnings and knowledge, that bring her excitement and help her to survive.

In all my years, she has been a role model for me and I could never have asked for or imagined a more loving person to bring me into this world.

Happy Birthday Mom

Born January 23, 1937

Featured Image – Steps of Aunt Hazel’s Home, Georgia, Circa 1950s


One comment on “Southern Belle”
  1. Mariana Mellone says:

    Happy birthday to your mom!!! From one of the Mellones.. 💖💖💖😘😘😘😘


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