Canon in D

I do not recall the first time I heard Johann Pachelbel’s “Canon and Gigue in D major”. If you do not know the name, you will surely recognize the music which I have included in this post.

The music is uplifting and harbors a forward movement that pulls me to a joyful place, a place where anything is possible within the life that has been gifted to me, and beyond.

It is a simple piece and yet, in my opinion, the arrangement triggers a mathematical symetry that in many ways aligns both emotional and logical pathways in the brain. This is the easiest way I can explain it, but of course you will be the judge of what the music does in your mind.

According to Wikipedia, the original composition was written around 1680-1706, well over three hundred years ago. I am in awe how it as lasted through the years. Music has a life of its own and I sometimes feel the music comes from beyond the life we have.

I like to think that all of those before me are somehow still connected to the world we live in. Through their music or contributions to our society, they live on and within all of us.

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One comment on “Canon in D”
  1. I love this piece of music 🙂


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