Without to be Within

There is this word-

Many are able to experience it.

But there are also those who do not-

We are not from this world-

We do not have innate means to survive under her sky.

We must compensate for our lack of fur,
for our inability to forage simply and efficiently.

We must find or create space for rest-

In some way, we must find a harbor to nest-

Even thou, there is this place that we long to be-

To feel part of the world, to choose, to be, free-

While all energy comes from the out,
we can only survive by seeking the in.

Each day presents its own challenges-

We must hope and try, and share what we are able to-

To those less fortunate, those left to that place-

So they may find way to use that word too-

To feel it fully-

To find comfort-

In the day-

In the night-



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