For You

Life is the freeing of oneself from the bonds of the earth. Through an act of fate or chance, or some seemingly random series of events, we arrive and we are alive.

If we are lucky, our nest is warm and safe and those who have come before us, stay true to the miracle they made, born from pleasures of the flesh, for primal reasons not understood. The earth and all her glory, finds her way. There was no choice.

It is our day, to life.

As we grow, we find sorrow and joy, and feel the freedom from, the soil no longer holding us firm. We have choices. There are others. There are many of them. We desire to connect and be and want for our happy, to smile and play, and make another, a child, a daughter a son perhaps.

And this is when and where it becomes difficult. There are now two of us, or more and we want so much to foster their fate, their life, and to give them the gift we had.  It is not easy and we tire, and try, again and again.

We retreat into the shadows, as the ghost who cares. Where are we now and why do not others see us? We do so much and yet, it seems to be never enough. Where does the strength come from? We just want to sleep and be done.

And this is when we find …

We are brave- We are very brave indeed-

… and are free and alive and happy is by our side-

She smiles-

We speak of what we need, and listen not to those who push us down. Our head rises up tall. The sunlight enters our eyes. We breath the air, made from earth, made from life and death, so that we may live and be and do, love and laugh, and smile-

To show those around us who very much so want the same-

We find strength through the others and you are one for them-

You are the bravest one of all … my friend …

For you –

Photo Credit – Dominique Dom


One comment on “For You”
  1. domaparis says:

    Thank you. You made me cry. And you gave me hope again. 💝 Thank you for this, this is a precious gift.


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