Prior to actually having coffee ….

Am I the only one that contemplates the melting temperature of butter when the muffin hops out of the toaster into the resting air temperature of 22ºC (72ºF)?

I then proceed to calculate the time of equilibrium for the muffin temperature to that of the butter that just came out of the fridge at approximately 7ºC (45ºF), taking note that there are two muffins with slightly different masses, because I used the fork-split method of separation.

And then I calculate how long I have to butter my muffin before the butter will no longer spread evenly and I will have to eat the rest of the butter which coincidently melts at the temperature of my tongue at 35ºC (96ºF)?

Please tell me I’m not alone on this one.



3 comments on “Equilibrium”
  1. I was rethinking your comment on this post. Methodical and direct 🙂 It made me smile again and again as I thought about it. “Too much drama” 🙂 love that one. … and now I wonder if without butter, is there something else to accompany the muffin?

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  2. You have a method? Generally, I see the muffin, take the muffin, eat the muffin … butter doesn’t factor into it, too much drama. – tsk


  3. domaparis says:

    Hum. I am sorry. I don’t do that. But I am French (no muffins) and I don’t like butter. Then you can’t really count my answer. 🤪


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