So I find myself writing and grapple with the spelling of a word … assemblance. My built-in dictionary pooh-poohs my attempts and the dreaded red line under my efforts mocks me.

I could just add the word to my dictionary and be done with it. Lord (God or Buddha or Jesus or Allah …) knows my dictionary has a Quintilian amendments to it.

See what I mean? I mean quintillion OMG!

Anyway, back to my blathering-

So the word assemblance is an actual word after all and I have amended my dictionary to rid my sentence of that red line, but I don’t stop there.

I need to learn the word origin and track it down and come to find … You are not going to believe this! There is an obsolete form of the word which has a bit more flare to it.


The Internet informs me that this is an obsolete form of the word! Hey, I don’t know about Webster or that American Heritage Place, but how can someone obsolete a word? Isn’t this like burning a book one word at a time?

So no matter and whatever … I’m going to use the obsolete word, add it to my dictionary and never be redlined again, thank you very much!

Perhaps I’ll be able to make an assemblaunce of a more entertaining showing of words, sentences and paragraphs next time., and oh by the way … the word is no longer obsolete in my book.


Back to the quill.

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated ...

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