and This Part is for Her

Greg Lasswell’s song Comes and Goes is a beautiful tribute to the turbulent times one encounters when fully immersed  into a relationship with another. There is no coming back out … you’ve exposed yourself … you trust each other … and then its no more, like the wave receding from the shore.

He starts out singing to the lonely, the ones left by the side of the road, the ones that wonder how all of this could have happened, the ones that still have hope …

And this part was for her …

This lyric, captures the moment and memory of the effort made to love her, the good times that each shared, in the arms of each other- In the times when all was better and all things clicked into place. Love was shared and felt, given and received. It was wonderful. … Does she remember?

but then …

As we all have found … love comes and goes …

In waves … In waves …

If we are fortunate and have the strength, we get back up and try again, hoping that this time, we will be able to ride the wave to shore-


To the shore of happily ever after-

I wonder if this is possible after all.

The crescendo of the piece introduces the feminine voice … Is it her voice?

The happiness of the possibility exists and there is the collaboration and effort of both to try again … to try … to hope, if only we could and she would remember after all.

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated ...

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