There is this primal draw within each man. It is something we discover as our age conjures up internal potions. Potions that will ensure life moves forward.

Our mind surveys those that interest us. Their eyes, their smile, that something about them, that attracts us … and yes, their derrière in denim. Our primal draw, working on continuing the species, whether we realize it or not, we are … victims of nature.

There is so much involved in this quest of ours to find love, to have children, and to hold onto the all of it through our lives. I have found over the years that the holy grail of relationships is so very elusive … being held and then misplaced time and again, as our physical and emotional needs ebb and flow … our intellect attempting to bond the two. Our helpless heart, beating, beating, beating.

If only we had a cove to pause in and reflect when the tides became too strong for us to stand. A place where we were able to reflect on the conflict of mind and heart and flesh. A place where our partner could find hope and know that we are the one worth the haul.

So many a time, more often than not, relationships are lost. The primals are ignored and the mind creates the story … the story that tells all and blames each other for a digression, a mistake, an action that nature threw in the wake of our love for one another.

If only we had a place to pause. If only our hearts were strong and knew the powers of flesh and earth and how life will trip and trump the heart, time and time again.

If a relationship is to survive, there must be a connection greater than the denim that softly covers her curves. There must be a connection that surmounts temptation, bad decisions, and the loss incurred when we don’t truly see each other as we are … the species, whose goal is to flurish in the flesh, with mind and heart tagging behind.

If a relationship is to survive, the trio of mind, body and heart must realize the strain and discover a collaboration that would ward off nature and yet if to fail, the heart would prevail … leading mind and body to each other’s side again.

We can only hope and with luck, find the courage to survive.


3 comments on “Denim”
  1. dewofmay says:

    ofcourse I did. Thanks


  2. I’m glad you found a connection with it. Thank you for saying so <3. Sometimes the words just appear and I type them 🙂 This particular piece had sat in drafts for a while until I found my way back to feel them fully.

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  3. dewofmay says:

    this is a profound piece of writing. you really have it in you to bring out things from the depths. thank you for sharing this.


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