Mercury Retrograde

Unless you actually pass one on the interstate, Mercury retrograde is an illusion. It is curious how an illusion can be the perceived cause of problems. Perhaps it is the collective negative energy of minds that give way to the breakdowns …


One comment on “Mercury Retrograde”
  1. Mariana Mellone says:

    I HATE it when someone shouts at you or is rude and then has the excuse…aawww sorry! It’s because of Mercury! You know.. it’s retrograde!…. WHAATTT?? So I can slap you back and blame it on Mercury?? ..Geee!!! Thanks for the idea!! 😠😠😠…. A poor planet, just doing its business of floating aroun the sun is blamed for all the stuod things some people do…or bad consequences of their dumb desitions!!! Glad you don’t believe in that either!! 😊😊🤗🤗💖💖


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