The storm-tossed waves were dashing
Against the naked rocks,
And noisily were clashing
Against the lightning’s sparks.
A flash-a splash-a crash!
And all was still for a moment,
And then again they battled
Against an angry opponent.

And the lightning fought them angrily,
As the thunder bellowed loud,
And the rain descended merrily
From within the storm-strewn cloud.
Again, a flash—a crash!
But the sea would not be calmed;
The lightning frolicked at its edge,
And yet it lay unharmed.

The lightning fought about the clefts
And slipped around the waves,
Pitched swiftly seaward to a light
That harbored ships from graves.
The thunder groaned up in the sky
The battle soon would cease
The lightning flashed at intervals
And soon all would be peace.

Poetry by Eleonora

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