Do you remember, dear, that night?
Beneath the heavy gleam of stars.
Those tranquil multitudes to which
your silent eyes were lifted?
Beneath the spying, jealous moon
And dark blue sky that spans the earth
with love and shuts away the gloom?
Do you, my love?
Do you remember dear, that night?
You tried to heal the stinging scars
That night you kissed away the bleeding
wounds that love inflicted!
The soft wind trembled in your hair
Ah! Why must memory haunt me thus
and stand before me-everywhere?
Do you remember too?
My darling child, beneath that night
You sobbed against my breast
Did you too hear the love-bird mimic
from beyond the woodland’s darkness?
And then I brushed your tears
And how you laughed!
Do you remember how your laughter broke the stillness?
Ah! Little pagan…..can you forget it dear?
Tell me, darling- -that night…..
Did you too, feel the murmuring rapture
of the hushed and nodding trees?
Did you too, hear the sobbing music of the
soft and whispering breeze?
When a wailing moan of night and terror
sent you in my arms shuddering…..
And I crushed you to my heart, and lingered
o’er your lips passionately?…..
Dear… was all this only…last night?

Poetry by Eleonora

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