the end of the road

is there no end to our desires for
those things our mind conspires-

while we work and toil and whittle toward
goals both grandiose and little?

we learn new ways to discover and
comfort in those moments, we recover-

and as we continue with the fun, there will be
setbacks and times of figure until tis done.

and it will be complete either
our success or sometimes defeat-

while then we pause and reflect and marvel
on those times that had no neglect.

and wonder if in some way large or small,
we made a difference in another’s day-

and while in our silence we sleep,
will others remember the road that was our deep?

while some say life is a journey,
of living, of loving and learning-

some ask-

is there no end to our desires
while the end of the road truly conspires?

i say no-

for when you stop,

you most certainly go.