free to be

So I’m thinking is grass a weed?

It can certainly be trimmed quite nicely indeed,
to be all straight and true,
where fields reflect its lights of greens
and sometimes blue.

So I ask and find-

“A weed is any plant that isn’t in its place.”

Well this is harsh and odd.

When allowed, the weed grows tall,
and most often has a flower or pod,
that shows up and then proclaims,

“Hey, I’m a plant too!”

And then we call it a Wildflower ❤

Grass, all cut and true, when left to grow,
will do the same and logic then suggests,
that yes, grass is a Wildflower too.

But we don’t always let the grass grow,
so we are never to know if friend or foe,
or secretly among the blades all hidden from view,
within the lights of greens and sometime blue,
that there are no weeds, really-

Just plants all beautiful and green,
sometimes wild and sometimes blue,
but mostly free to be,
some place in the world,
like me and you.