Robin Williams

Reflecting on our loss,

I am reminded how he brought tears to our eyes

with his outrageous monologues and

then how in those moments between his comedy,

he would pause and slow his pace

to share an intimate account of life and how all could be well again.

While I do not fully understand what transpired yesterday,

for him,

in that instant when he stepped across,

I feel this was his ultimate pause,

where his mind,

just said its time,

and his soul stepped up to say,

“let’s give others hope that life is a beautiful gift

and that we are loved, and remember this above all things” ❤

While I feel deeply for his family and loved ones,

and for those of us who have known him through his art,

I want to believe that this last performance was his final gift to us and in fact,

his way to share his pain with all of us…

so that one or more of us would know we are loved and could be well again.

“I Love You, Please Stay” ❤

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