Maya Angelou

Wikipedia speaks of Maya …

“Maya Angelou was an American author and poet.”

We did not know each other personally-

She never spoke my name or thought of me over her morning coffee-
or while enjoying a day in the park, full of children playing-
people relaxing, writing, thinking, kissing, crying, laughing, loving-
and yes, sometimes leaving- Leaving the park that was her life, our life, all.

I, in my own life, have not studied her work beyond the words that sought me-
and spoke to me from media, from letters, from others.

Words that in their own life touched me,
us, all as I, we needed them.

Words that helped heal my, our pains or lift me, us up high
as parents do their children, to be all we can be
and to know that there is love in the world as the hands,
her hands held us strongly, securely,
our feet dangling there in our moments of fear, and joy.

As I read the posts and news of Maya the past few days-

I am reminded of light bulbs,
here this dark morning as the sun makes her way-
to the place where I sit, where I write-

I am reminded of the constant light they provide
in our time of need, neither too bright, nor too dim.
The light is always there-
and we only need to look toward it as it lights our way.

As Maya lit our way so many times when we were in need,
when she was in need.

I am reminded of some bulbs I happened to see
in their last seconds of life.

The  light within the glass grows brighter and brighter,
causing one to pause footsteps and look toward it,
relish in the beauty as if a sun were being born right before our eyes.

And then without warning or reason,
from within the bulb,
within the fragile glass,
the heart of the light beacons one last glow,
one last glorious glow and then enters into the distance darkness once again.

Our room darker, yet we know and
remember how the light made us feel
and we are stronger
and more prepared
to allow the light of our heart
shine brighter
because of her.

Wikipedia speaks of Maya …

“Maya Angelou was an American author and poet.”

Yes this is true, she was, she is-

But to me, us, all…

“Maya Angelou was our light.”

She will be missed-

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