Open and wide beyond beyond, floating, free.

There is no need for air nor breath and you have a knowing of complete comfort, calmness and contentment.  There is no body.  There is no mind. There is no past or future, but only the open moment, an ocean of infinity.

You have an awareness that you are, but it does not connect like it would, had you a body and mind. You are unable to connect sensations to thought.  There is an awareness which is from an essence which is not definable, however you intuitively know that you are, however unable to transition to or fro.

You are in an open with subtle knowing of then and there. If your stay has been fruitful and fulfilling you have no desire to then, however a sense of yearn is there.  A stronger way to there draws you and your hesitancy withers with your stay complete.

You are sensually unaware of there or next and suspend for the moment until. Then will pull you, especially if mind and body remain capable in any capacity, the vessel which harbored you for the time then.

In times of dire where you knew intuitively of something that needed more stay, you would find away to then.  Your time undone, your soul persistent to find a way to be again.

It is now- where you are in the then.  There will come in time again and again till then will become what is needed for you, for us, for all.

Azure is now, is love, is you.