The Dancers

One solitary note begins- Still and waiting souls alone-
A flooding rhythm transcends- Both returning from their roam

Outstretched in hope, his hand seeks- Time stands still, the notes flood in
Their fingers touch as she meets- She treasures this time with him

They embrace, yet- each in their own space-

A final gaze where only his eyes can see-
Then each look away far beyond their reach-
Then look within-The dance begins

Appearing effortless their lift begun
With now their regards always away,
the notes find depth, connecting as one
The rhythm surrounding becomes the lay

But- effort is there, always in place
Holding her- Feeling him
Touching her- Knowing Him
Trusting her- Trusting him

Dancing with her- Dancing with him
Dancing with her- Dancing with him

As the music recedes and the dance released all appears to be still-

No words ever spoken- No glance ever stolen-

Yet- Never apart- Never as two-
Only as one- Only as You-

The dance never ends- Always within

The dance never ends- Only within

The Dance is You