She Walks

Slowing all time- she walks-
Creating a path…
Others fear to tread or ever dare to go-

All around, up and down, she looks-
And embraces the world, learning- watching- living- loving-

And if by chance she enters our space-
Our voices all stop- to see-
Who could this flower be?

Eyes like none have ever seen-
Like none have ever imagined-
Like none that could have ever been-

Our breath is still… her very presence-
Stopping the wind as she breathes-

Is she a Princess?

Or perhaps nature herself touching us ever so gently-
So briefly that we may endure-

As she changes the world for us-
And for- her…

And if we are so fortunate-
For even but one small moment in time-

We may see her glance-
We may see her dance-
We may have this chance-

To have been near her-
An undiscovered wild flower who responsible alone-

Allows the very sun to dance-

Slowing all time- She walks-