My Heart Says

Walking, slowly toward nowhere in particular-
My mind feels a pull-  It is the Sea-
My mind wanders from place to place and is not here-
My feet know their way-  Continue thee-

And then I hear Her- My head lifts-
Wandering Steps slow-
My eyes are bright- shining drifts-
The Sun, always near or will behold-

My breath arrives-  Beyond the need-
My mind feels the wind-
My step, finally still-  no direction nor heed-
My breath pulls the rich air in-

Yes, she says-  It is time to go-
She knows the way-
She always did-
She waited- But no more-
Not today-

Go- Run- It is time-
And if you fall-
Your feet will listen-

They know their way now-

My Heart Says-