While my life is centered around coffee and Americanos to be precise, there is a little more depth to my journey …

I’ve written several books, none of which have my given name on them. As a ghostwriter, my name was not significant in the telling. When I found the time to publish one of my own stories, I was no longer attached to my name, but to the story itself, and thought to just publish under my blog name In All Our Years, the title of a poem dedicated to my mentor.

I thought about this decision, after publishing and wondered if, in some way, I was missing the boat, having my name on the book. Who was I really and what significance was there in my name?

I then noticed that when I read a book, the story became part of my life. It became my story as I attached my soul to the characters and as I felt what they felt … as they found their way and as they lived their life. In All Our Years is such a collection and speaks of my own encounters with others, the sharing of my life and the sharing of theirs, of our lives, our years. So I felt the decision was sound and best expressed who I was.

I sincerely want to thank all of you have read the book Hold Me, considering the fact that you had 130 million to chose from. As a published author the opportunity to get paid is a possibility, and I am happy to say, I made a few dollars in this endeavor. So many in fact, that I can buy one cup of my favorite coffee, an Americano, every other week from the proceeds.

For those wishing to contribute to my caffeination this year, check the story out here:

Hold Me

It is published on Amazon and there is a paperback and ebook available.

While my life is centered around coffee and Americanos to be precise, there is a little more depth to my journey … just kidding … it is actually all about the coffee after all.


One comment on “Americanos”
  1. domaparis says:

    As long as your readers can find your next books looking for your blog’s name, it won’t deprive them of reading you. And they can learn about you, reading the blog. They will probably know more about you than after reading an article written by a journalist who doesn’t know you.


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