Be the Earth for Another

by In All Our Years

The seed enters the earth dry and alone.
The soil welcomes the visitor as part of itself, unaware of what is to be.

Days and nights trickle by and soon there is a stir and a wiggle.

The soil is loosened and massaged in a way that welcomes water and air.

The sun pours down, through the darkness and calls to the seed, to sprout, to rise and find its way through and back into the light above. The seed entrusts the earth to hold its feet securely and firmly, so it may explore the space and experience the rain and wind and life above.

There is a great harmony in this relationship, where two very different things come together to make another. Another that will create all that we see … all that will nurture and give of itself … willingly and without require but simply to live, breathe and one day, become the one … who held it close, kept it warm and safe from the start.