In All Our Years

Practicing love and kindness for all.

Lets go Play

Perched on a rock-

Sharing our space-

As the elders talk-

Dressed for a day-

In our white grace-

Lets go play-


With Each Note

With each note-

the sound I hear-

With each note-

the vision I see-

With each note-

the scent I breathe-

With each note-

the touch I feel-

With each note-

the life, I see-

Is You-

My Heart Says

Walking, slowly toward nowhere in particular-
My mind feels a pull-  It is the Sea-
My mind wanders from place to place and is not here-
My feet know their way-  Continue thee-

And then I hear Her- My head lifts-
Wandering Steps slow-
My eyes are bright- shining drifts-
The Sun, always near or will behold-

My breath arrives-  Beyond the need-
My mind feels the wind-
My step, finally still-  no direction nor heed-
My breath pulls the rich air in-

Yes, she says-  It is time to go-
She knows the way-
She always did-
She waited- But no more-
Not today-

Go- Run- It is time-
And if you fall-
Your feet will listen-

They know their way now-

My Heart Says-


Open and there for all to see-

Yet afraid of who would say-

“It is bright-  It is dark-  It is not there-

I do not want the dark of your night-”

But wait-  Wait!  Hither- Just go-

Take the chance-

Go then-  Don’t look back-

With no path below-

Nothing behind or in tow-

Until the world stops looking-

Until those who would tell, stop telling-

It does not matter-  It never did-

And then-

In the moment-

Embrace what you find-

No matter what-


Each Word

Life is an unfinished book-
As we live so are the chapters written-
And of course we hope for a happy ending-
But in the end- Tis Each Word …
… that matters the most.

Taller than Me

My Dad was taller than me, in height and mind-

As a child I saw he could do anything he would ever try-

His actions taught me that if you stop,
think, look and plan… and use the right tools,
all things are possible-

He gave me this gift-
Nothing is impossible-

It wasn’t until I was older and grown
that I realized I could do some things
that he could not do, or better said,
things he choose not to pursue.

We all have gifts and talents
and follow the ones
that bring joy and happiness,
fun and laughter,
challenges and successes-
His life was full of all these and many more-

I don’t get emails from him anymore-
I can’t call him on the phone
when I need a tool I don’t have-
But I can remember how he would stop,
think, look and plan-
and listen to his words in my mind..

“Its going to work Son-“

He would smile with the success
and give me the credit-
As the Best of Dads do-

Lift a child up to a height beyond
where they thought could ever reach-

As I stood beside him on the small knoll
on the earth where we both stood- I thought- I knew-

He would always be taller than me-

… but nothing was impossible …

Return to Me

Looking out and away-

It was not a dream-

Thinking of Yesterday-

So near it would seem-

Simply sought I would say-

My todays spent in thought-

Return to me-

My Heart

In a moment, when hurt covers me until I am still-
My Heart feels small- fragile- a jagged crystal.

In a moment,
when I need strength to be strong,
my heart becomes invincible,
protected- becomes the feeling of stone-

In a moment,
when excited, frightened or scared,
my heart flutters like a butterfly,
high in the air.

In a moment,
when all is full and bright,
my heart grows large,
blossoms and brims with love,
becomes light-

In a moment,
in what ever life brings,
my heart, becomes-

My heart becomes you-

My Parents

the wind in their hair-
the sun on their face-
the ocean so rare-
each in their embrace-
but oh how fragile-
is time that does not last-
the memory holds fast-
and the moment stands alone
when “the man” and his woman
made their home-

Beneath the Winter Ice

within the deepest cold,
there lives the most beautiful thing,
in all the world just waiting to be found-

but when winter moves in,
removing warmth from the waning fall-
snow arrives, slowly, silently, becomes great, covers all-

yet sun continues to shine-
a beacon for those to seek and find.

within the deepest cold,
there lives the most beautiful thing,
in all the world, just waiting to be found.

but I will find you,
my promise to all before who have have tried,
who have failed- who have died-

but should the cold consume me,
cover me,
smother me until I am no more,
I will not stop until you are there next to me, again.

This is my promise,
my plight, my joy, my place-
Till winter ice is no more-

within the deepest cold,
there lives the most beautiful thing,
in all the world, just waiting to be found-

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